The Piper Flight Center Museum is located at the Salem Municipal Airport in Salem, Indiana. The museum contains three vintage Piper air craft, a flight simulator, an a display room with several display cases containing numerous Piper artifacts dating back to the early beginning of Piper Aircraft Corporation.

We have one of the largest collections of educational materials in the Midwest available at no charge to students and educators. We also have a library with 200 plus books for research and technical information. Also located in the display room is a replica of the Wright Brothers wind tunnel. There are over 125 pictures and a mini theater for viewing one of the 30 to 40 videos.

Admission is free to the Piper Flight Center Museum and refreshments are provided for groups.

The Piper Flight Center Vision Statement

The Piper Flight Center Museum and its' Foundation is a dynamic organization committed to ensure an accurate and true representation of the leadership, contributions and impact of the Piper Aviation Corporation on the aviation culture of our country. The museum serves as a resource center for the general public, researchers and people of all ages. We are proud to announce that it is recognized throughout the aviation community as a facility of first class and historic significance.

The museum sponsors and presents education and career programs that highlights the accomplishments and contributions of the world famous Piper organization with an emphasis on youth development an associated career opportunities.

The museum houses multiple aircraft, interactive displays to assist visitors of all ages maximum understanding of the various concepts of the world of aviation. The facility includes a large collection of Piper memorabilia, books and drawings for research, and a large area for outside civic organizations to meet.

The Piper Flight Museum guided by an exceptional Board of Directors fully-committed with a vision of future and passionately interested in the Piper era of aviation. Each possesses a skill to fully fulfill the museums mission.

The museum and foundation has imposed a positive impact on the culture of the area attracting tourists and visitors that has brought a heighten level of pride to the Washington County that showcase the enormous aviation history of our region.

The museum is fully funded through a diverse revenue stream including gifts, the sale of products and services. Additional monies donated to the organization is always welcome to offset the necessity to eliminate any need to limit the future of the organizations developmental goals.

The Board of Directors personally invite each of you to visit and share your thoughts of how the organization may enrich your aviation interests and needs.

Thank you for your interest in the Piper Flight Center Museum.

Celebrate American Aviation with the Piper Flight Museum