Host Your Next Special Event at the Piper Flight Museum

One of the features of the Piper Flight Museum is the ability to provide seating accommodations to groups up to 40 people. Many organizations have requested and used the museum for various activities include monthly meetings, parties, family gatherings, and educational seminars.

The Piper Flight Museum frequently hosts students of all ages. All students are given hand gliders, pins, and coloring books. Education materials to be used in the classroom that addresses all of the state Educational Standards in Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Arts, and Physical Education are presented to the teacher to be integrated into the daily instruction. The Library contains nearly 250 books, 200 manuals on Piper Aircraft and other airplanes, and approximately 300 drawings of various components of early Piper Cubs.

The Piper Flight Museum has one of the largest collections of education materials in the midwest. For more information on scheduling a tour, or the need of certain education resource material please contact the museum at 812.896.4775.